Welcome to the website of z&h, the organisation of gay and bisexual students in Zurich!

We organize monthly dinners, movies and games evenings and much more, so you can get in touch with other gay or bisexual boys. For our female guests we refer to the L-Punkt, our lesbian pendant. If you're looking for more information about us, consult our FAQ, explore the site and come to the next event!

Trans* an der UZH - was bedeutet das?

We received and gladly forward this invitation to an information event on Trans* people, organized by the Office for Equal Opportunities of UZH. (As the event will be in German, we do not provide an English translation)

Am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018 von 16.30-18.00h findet in der Aula des Hauptgebäudes der Universität Zürich (KOL-G-201) eine öffentliche Informationsveranstaltung zum Thema Transidentität mit dem Titel "Trans* an der UZH - was bedeutet das?" statt.

Campaign for Respect and Equality @ETH

As spokespersons of the two associations z&h we will soon have a conversation with the communications office of ETH Zürich to report about the LGBT* community at the university, in the context of the campaign for respect and diversity at ETH.

We would like to collect contributions on experience and life as LGBT * person at ETH. You can find the form on the following link (anonymous and internal):

Zurich Pride Festival - Volunteers wanted!


This year we will be present at the Zurich Pride Festival (9/10 June) together with LGBT student associations from whole Switzerland. Not only will we attend the parade together, with a wagon, but we will have a booth together as well – where you will be able to do bodypainting!

If you're looking for a bed in Zurich during the Pride *or* if you want to host someone at your place, then please sign up here:

Institute of Queer Studies - LGBTI Research Night 2017

On Tuesday, 16th May 2017 at 19 o'clock at the University of Zürich (Rämistrasse 71, 8001 Zürich, KO2 F 150)  LGBTI Research Night 2017 will take place.

You can follow up on what's happening in LGBTI reseach and vote for the best project of 2017.

There will be 8 speakers giving 10 minute presentations about their work. Questions and answers sessions as well as discussions are foreseen after the presentations. This is a great chance to exchange ideas between the audience and researchers.

Zurich Pride 2016

The Zurich Pride Festival (ZHPF) 2016 offers many different interesting events culminating in a festival on Friday/Saturday 10/11 June and a great parade through the city. For more informations about the events, please have a look at:


Make sure to visit the parade and join us there! What a great day to be a gay student!

Break the chains!


A lot of new HIV infections are passed on by men who believe that they are HIV-negative. When you get close to someone, it's easy to develop a certain level of trust and have sex without a condom. In this way, many men take risks without knowing it. People who are not aware that they have been infected with HIV unknowingly pass the virus on to others and become part of a chain reaction that could have been prevented.

In the first weeks in particular HIV is so infectious that one single unprotected encounter could result in an infection.