z&h Dinner

When and where do the z&h dinners happen?

Every last Thursday in a month, there will be a z&h dinner. During the semester the dinners take place in HAZ-Centro (Sihlquai 67). During the summer break the dinners may also be outside. Please consult the newsletter and our calendar for the actual date and time and location.

Who will be cooking?

Two or three of our members or other volounteers – everyone is welcome. If you like to cook, let us know! (mail@zundh.ch)

Am I going to be the only one to cook?

No. Ideally you already have an assistant for cooking. If not, we'll find someone to help you.

When do you need chefs?

Most of the times we can use additional chefs. If you plan on cooking (alone or with friends), send us an email.

I'm not a great chef at all!

We're not looking for distinguished chefs, capable of serving a 5-course meal. It is absolutely sufficient to be able to cook simple things (like Pasta, Rice dishes or similar). The primary aim of a z&h dinner is to have a great atmosphere and not an outstanding menue. If you're still not convinced you can assist another, more proficient chef.

I'm registered now as a chef for a z&h dinner. What next?

As soon as you know on which date you will be cooking, you should think about the menue and decide. It's perfectly up to you to chose a menue, however you should have an alternative for vegetarians. Usually there is a simple starter (like a salad or soup), followed by the main course and a dessert (you are not required to make the dessert yourself).

On the day you're cooking, you need to do the shopping (e.g. at Migros Shopville, Migros Limmatplatz or at Coop Bahnhofbrücke). You'll receive the key for the Centro building, so that you may enter before half past seven when people start to arrive. Dinner should be ready around eight o'clock. Out of experience, the extremely slow stove should be noted. If you are going to heat up big amounts of liquid, calculate enough time for that.

After the main course, upon preparing the dessert, it is best to run a first load of dishes in the dish washer. However, the cleaning and washing is done by others, you don't have to do that too. Also the dinner is free for the chefs of course!

Who is going to pay for the groceries?

Everyone attending the dinner has to pay 10 CHF for the dinner, except z&h members (members! Being on the newsletter only, isn't enough). The chefs also eat for free and get their expenses reimbursed in every case (Bring the bill with you).

How many persons will attend the dinner?

It is always difficult to know how many persons there will be for the dinner, as you don't need to register for it. Generally, you may count with 20-25 guys for your calculations. However, sometimes there are also 30 persons or more, so it is good to have some extra.

What is the equipment at Centro?

There is a gaz stove and oven in the Centro building. The usual dishes and cooking equipment is available, as well as salt, pepper, sugar and plant oil and some spices. However if you need special equipment it is best to bringt it with yourself or check beforehand. Garbage bags are provided.

What should I do if I want to come over but I don't know anyone?

Don't be shy and just drop by at talk to somone. Another solution that we recommend is to sign up for cooking. You can also contact tim@zundh.ch, he can help you out with blending in to Z&H.