z&h is a student organization for LGBTIQ+ students and alumni of the Zurich universities. Everyone is welcome to our events. If you’d like to become a member you can use the contact form on this website or send us a mail at and sign up here to the members list.

z&h was founded by a group of gay and bisexual male students in 1989. During most of its history, z&h’s members have been almost exclusively cis men, while female, trans* and non-binary queer students founded other groups such as Amazora, L-Punkt and queer*z.

Today z&h is open to all LGBTIQ+ students, although the z&h-only events are attended by almost only men. Joint events together with the associations L-Punkt – lesbian, bisexual and queer women* and queer*z attract a more diverse audience.

You can download our current semester program here: HS19

If you’d like to read our statutes (in German), they are available for download here. The z&h board members are the people behind the association. We organise, plan and run the association and hope to bring you joy with all kind of events. Contact us if you’d like to help us out or become a board member. Help is always appreciated ♥ All board members work in honorary capacity. You can contact a single board member directly by email at